Tetsuya HORI is a composer. He writes music for instruments, vocals, electronic and objects.

Tetsuya Hori who was born in Sapporo, Japan, started playing the organ at the age of four and took up composing soon afterwards. He commenced studying composition in Sapporo at the age of 16 and later continued with composition studies at the Showa University of Music in Tokyo. Hori graduated at the age of 22, winning a special prize from the university. From 2000 to 2003 he was a lecturer for piano, vocal, chorus, and orchestra. After studying at Showa University of Music, he moved to Berlin in 2003 where he lives and composes. In 2003 he also began composing for live-electro using the software Max/MSP.

Hori currently composes for various performing musicians, chamber and symphony orchestra and teaches composition at various schools and universities in Europe, Asia and North America. Hori has been the recipient of special mention from International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition 2011, the Best Album of 2011 by foxy digitalis and Semi-Finalist of the 2012 Queen Elisabeth Composition Competition in Belgium with his work called „Concerto for Piano and Orchestra“.


Compositions & Performances (Excerpt)
2000–2001 | Tokyo
• Suite for Solo Clarinet
• String Quartet
• “Kan-No” for Alto-Saxophone, Cello and Marimba
• Octet for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano and 3 Percussionists
• Succession for Alto Singer and Horn

2002–2003 | Sapporo
• Allegro barbaro for Piano
• a day dream for Piano

2003–2004 | Berlin
• Music for Melodion and Resonance
• For Melodion and Laptop
• For Glass of Water and Laptop
• For Flute and Laptop #1, performed on the events of the artist group’s DZGÜÜÜN which he was part of.

• For Dough and Laptop
• “Kappa” for Voice, Cigar box and Laptop (voice: Izumi Ose)
• “a game” for Solo Violin, performed at Gallery 1412 in Seattle/USA by invitation.

• For Rubber Glove and Laptop
• For Flute and Laptop #2
• For Beer Bottle and Laptop

• SIMULTAN festival for electronic arts and music Timisoara/Rumania with DZGÜÜÜN artist group
• Romanian National Opera Bucharest with DZGÜÜÜN artist group
• University of Art and Design in Halle/Germany
• Theater Basel (Switzerland)

• “Water Concerto” for Glass of Water and Laptop with Laptop-Orchester Berlin
• Suite for Beer Bottle and Laptop
• “Limbo” for Voice, Cigar Box, Piano and Laptop” for a short film directed by Violeta Leiva Martinez for an exhibition for the 100 year anniversary of the Volkspark in Halle/Germany

• Music festival of the music academy in Rheinsberg/Germany with the Laptop-Orchester Berlin
• Japan Now festival Berlin

• For Alto-Saxophone, Beer bottle and Laptop (improvisation featuring jazz saxophonist Soon Kim)
• For Alto-Saxophone, Cigar Box and Laptop (improvisation featuring jazz saxophonist Soon Kim)
• For Alto-Saxophone, Toy Piano and Laptop (improvisation featuring jazz saxophonist Soon Kim)
• For Alto-Saxophone, Melodion and Laptop (improvisation featuring jazz saxophonist Soon Kim)
• Glas of water, Cigar Box and Laptop (cooperation with video artist Yukihiro Ikutani on his silent film “Sachiko Ikutani”)

• University of Art and Design in Halle/Germany
• Screenings of the silent film “Sachiko Ikutani” at various movie theaters in Berlin accompanied by live music performance

• CD “Tetsuya Hori” (Naivsuper, NASU012) released on Naivsuper from Berlin/Germany,

• “Etude” for 1 litre Beer Bottle and Laptop
• “Time of…” for Woodwind Quintet (awarded with a special award from International Music Prize for Excellence in 2011)

• SIMULTAN festival for electronic arts in Timisoara/Rumania
• Nippon Connection Japanese film festival (screening of “Sachiko Ikutani” accompanied by live music performance)
• Incubate festival Tilburg/Netherlands

• CD “Non-Transposed Sense” (KCD5228), released on Konnex Records from Berlin/Germany, produced with jazz saxophonist Soon Kim, contains the improvisations they created together in 2008

• Music for the official trailer for transmediale festval for media art and digital culture Berlin
• Music for Melodion, Piano and Laptop for the silent film “Masuyo Ikutani” (sequel of the 2008 silent film “Sachiko Ikutani” by Yukihiro Ikutani)

• Former Hungarian embassy in Berlin (cooperation with British composer/performing artist Stephen Shiell)
• National Gallery of Art in Warsaw (Warsaw Electronic Festival)
• Concert tour in Poland

• “a story about a book” for Book and Laptop (cooperation with animator and performing artist Yurie Ido)
• “Intermezzo” for Voice, Cigar-box, Piano and Laptop • “Dried Fish Is Just Good As Bait” for Voice, Acting, Cigar Box, Rubber Bands, Piano and Laptop

• HAU Theater Berlin (“a story about a book” with animator and performing artist Yurie Ido) • zeitraumexit in Mannheim/Germany (“a story about a book” with animator and performing artist Yurie Ido)
• Konzerthaus Vienna (pieces from “Dried Fish Is Just Good As Bait”)

• CD “Dried Fish Is Just Good As Bait” (AR041), released on Aphonia Recordings from Seattle/USA. It was the label’s best selling record in 2001 and was awarded best album of 2011 from Foxy Digitalis music critic website afterwards.

• “succession after the succession” for Beer bottles, Melodion and Laptop (cooperation with animator and performing artist Yurie Ido)
• Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (selected for the Semi-Final of the 2012 Queen Elisabeth Composition competition in Belgium.

• HAU Theater Berlin (“succession after the succession” with animator and performing artist Yurie Ido)
• Akademie der Künste Berlin („time/zones“ with an installation artist Lose combo as a project of the 100th anniversary of John Cage’s birth)

• Concerto for Coloratura Soprano and Orchestra
• „Distant Sounds and an Act of Viewing Sounds from a Distance“ for Piano

• „MURMUR“ for Violin, Cello and Piano
• “Scene from a Daydream” for the Left-Hand-Piano

• “Metamorphology of the Wind” for Woodwind Quintet
• “Concerto for Flute and String Orchestra”
• “The (love) Song Book” for Solo Voice

• “Drafty Poetry” for Flute, Viola and Harp (commissioned by Trio Momentum)
• „Afterimages“ for Baroque Viola and Cello (commissioned by Marie Takahashi)
• Film music for the animated movie titled “The Ogre & the Mermaid” with Water, Toy piano, Rubber bands, Piano, etc. (directed by Christopher Magee)

• Performing space, Grüntaler 9 in Berlin (world premiere of “The (love) Song Book”)
• IKLECTIK creative space in London (performed “The (love) Song Book” by Izumi Ose)
• SPEKTRUM art science community in Berlin (performed “The (love) Song Book” by Izumi Ose)
• Galerie ITO in Stuttgart/Germany (performed “The (love) Song Book” by Izumi Ose)
• Bicacafe in Gifu/Japan (performed “The (love) Song Book” by Izumi Ose)

Artist in Residence:
• CAMAC | Centre d’art Marnay Art Centre in Marnay-sur-Seine/France

• Cantata: “Sung from the generation of Air” for Soprano Singer, Historic Trumpets and Organ (commissioned by Giuseppe Frau)
• Dance piece: “All Things Considered“ for Washbasin, Beer Bottle, Glass of Water, Piano and Laptop (Improvisations-Score for dance by Ralf Jaroschinski, promoted by Kemptner Tanzherbst)

• Stadttheater Kempten/Germany (world premiere of “All Things Considered”)
• Bicacafe in Gifu/Japan (performed “The (love) Song Book” by Izumi Ose)

Artist in Residence:
• KaRi-dance.COMPANY Kempten/Germany (for composing a new production of dance piece)